Japanese Craftsmanship from Kyoto

The Perfect White Shirt - Kogen 1940
Kogen 1940 represents the highest level of Japanese craftsmanship and experience.

In pursuit of suppleness of silk and ultimately light cotton material, TANGO fabric was invented only for Flex Japan in Tango, Kyoto - a major source of silk in Japan.
The process of weaving TANGO fabric is very rare. Each yarn is coated separately with natural starch and dried slowly in the sun. After this process, the yarn goes into an old-fashioned shuttle loom. Unlike most looms used nowadays, this traditional loom uses a shuttle to interweave warp and welt. Although this process can only get its productivity up to one sixth of that of the rapier loom (shuttleless weaving loom), the physical properties of the fabric are greatly improved due to less tension put on yarn itself. As a result, a completely different sensation of softness and lightness can be experienced with TANGO fabric. This makes the KOGEN TANGO shirt particularly suited to the style of formal dress - a refined new taste with traditional elegance.